Come and join us for free
The 1st Steve White Music & Art Festival - Sunday, March 16
from 9 to 5pm at the Seaside Bazaar, Encinitas
7pm - Steve White Painting the World with Music a new Documentary at La Paloma Theater, Encinitas
Click the poster to register for free tix & bring a print out.
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James Brown Interviews Clint Burkett about: "Steve White Painting the World with Music"
Hi to all,

On March 16th  2014, we are remembering Steve White’s birthday by holding the first annual Steve White Music & Art Festival. Located at the Seaside Bazaar in Encinitas, California; the location where Steve played for the community for 20 years.
The  fun begins 9am to 5pm in historical  downtown Encinitas on Highway 101 next to the La Paloma Theater. And it’s free to the public.
There will be live music onstage all day, open mike, slots open for musicians to come and play their versions of their favorite Steve White songs, poetry and much more.
There will be booths for artists to display their artwork. And the Steve White Foundation will have their own booth with prints of Steve’s paintings, CDs,Tshirts and hats.
But wait, there’s more:
At 7pm at the La Paloma Theater next door will be the screening of the new documentary Steve White Painting the World with Music by Clint Burkett.  Its an anthology of modern day musician Steve White who lived an adventurous life beginning with his youth in Southeast Asia to touring Europe, Asia and parts of the US as an original musician all his life. Steve wrote hundreds of songs and the soundtrack is filled with his music. When he wasn’t touring, Steve’s home base was Encinitas.

For the documentary you must register at: Steve White Painting the World with Music

New Press Release
If you have an interest in helping us spread the word about the film,
please contact
For festival music inquiries please contact
For booths inquiries please contact: Danny Salzhandler 760.845.8456
Look forward to seeing you at the festival.

The team


Behind the Scenes:

Welcome to our new website. We are happy to tell you that we have integrated into this new website and multi-media venture.

Steve’s legacy of music, art, painting and now film is in one central location with the latest information and easy access to enjoy the depth and variety of his work.

We hope you like our new design and we added new pages so you can view the body of cataloged work all in one place. (documentary, blog and paintings). We will be working to keep the site updated with never before heard or seen performances of Steve doing cover songs that he enjoyed playing the world over.

We have an abundance of photos, videos, paintings, recordings and interviews, that we have accumulated during the course of creating the documentary, “Steve White: Painting the World with Music” that do not appear in the film, but will be available here on the website as we continue to update and post .

For your listening pleasure, I have uploaded recently found solo recordings made in our home that were the basis for the produced album "Home Away from Home" recorded in Iceland in 2009. This and all the other CDs are available on our store page.

We welcome your additional comments, ideas, photos /videos /memorabilia/stories of you with Steve or of Steve performing. Please send them along with an email giving your permission to use it . We look forward to your participation in helping keep this website vibrant and inclusive.

Together we will continue to keep Steve's legacy alive.

Please click on either of our names below to contribute and to communicate with us. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards,

The Team

Alda & Clint


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